in conversation with British advertising legends


Click below to discover the stories behind some of Britain’s most
famous ads as told by some of the Inspiring Minds who were
involved in writing, planning, filming, directing, researching,
producing and selling them in the early days of Commercial TV.

Conversations with Martin Boase, Hugh Hudson, Judie Lannon,
Sir Frank Lowe, Sir Alan Parker, Jeremy Sinclair and Dave Trott bring
the archive to life with an aim to inspire, educate and entertain
across the generations.

Keep checking the website as more clips will be added ‘til the end
of 2018 with more interviews with the Inspiring Minds on a variety
of subjects including Early Inspirations, Account Planning, CDP, BMP,
Saatchis and the Digital Future.

We are very grateful to all interviewees for their valuable contribution
to this project.

Find out more about the Inspiring Minds featured in the project:


Sir Alan Parker CBE


Dave Trott

 Hugh Hudson

Martin Boase

Judie Lannon Jeremy Sinclair  Sir Frank Lowe  

Born, 1944,

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Born, 1947,
Barking, Essex

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Born, 1936,

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Born, 1932,

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Born, 1938, Erie,

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Born, 1946,

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Born 1941,

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