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Our exciting ‘living history’ project, Inspiring Minds features filmed interviews with some of the advertising industry’s most influential figures of the last half century talking about their lives and work. The interviews, thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, have created a permanent legacy for the industry’s future generations, recording unique memories from some of the most creative and inspiring minds from what many herald as the Golden Age of British advertising. 

As a modern archive and valuable resource to the industry, researchers, academics, broadcasters, students and the next generation of creatives, we are constantly looking to add value to what we hold by contextualising and bringing the archive ‘alive’ to highlight its value as a unique resource. 

"This project does exactly that" explains Richard Powell OBE, Director. “This is exciting work for us. Not only do we protect adverts as a valuable part of our heritage, but as a modern archive we seek to delve beneath the surface, contextualising and bringing our history to life with these filmed interviews. These insights can inspire creative minds of the future and show how individuals can react to an ever-changing industry." 

The start of commercial TV in the mid 50s heralded the start of an exciting new era in the industry. Inspired originally by the USA, British creative talent soon emerged and agencies adapted and developed to set the pace, change the game and lead the way. Our first Inspiring Minds interviews with Martin Boase, Hugh Hudson, Judie Lannon, Sir Frank Lowe, Sir Alan Parker, Jeremy Sinclair and Dave Trott offer a fascinating insight into how these legends first started their careers and progressed in the industry.

Project Manager, Jane Jarvis has researched, filmed and edited the interviews "This project is an absolute delight and privilege to work on and will appeal to so many, across all ages. Each interviewee offers us a special insight into the inspiration behind their work, the people they worked with, how they had to adapt to new restrictions and regulations, the introduction of groundbreaking initiatives, how much they have seen the industry change over the years and, their advice to future generations- it's informative, inspiring but also so very entertaining!"