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Research done within HAT’s extensive archive for the Inspiring Minds project has produced yet more gems to help illustrate the accounts and reminiscences of the interviewees.

Benson & Hedges Iguana storyboards

1979 Alan Waldie sketches for the famous Benson & Hedges commercial

The Collett Dickenson Pearce archive holds the original Storyboard sketches by Alan Waldie used for the Iguana cinema commercial filmed in the Arizona desert. Sir Frank Lowe talks about the making of this spectacular ad and how the film crew battled with the elements.

Parker Pens ‘Finishing School’ – Call Sheet

ALAN PARKER FILMS filmed this ad with the perfectly cast Penelope Keith as the teacher advising young ladies on “how to spend daddy’s lovely money”. Sir Alan talks about the Crew he worked with, most of whom went on to work with him on his award winning feature films.


Meet Chris, Ed and Harry:

They are the Norwich based Production Company Copper Crayon responsible for filming the interviews.

“‘Inspiring Minds’ has, for us, done exactly what it says on the tin. As a fledgling filmmaking company in our fourth year, we relished the rare and unique opportunity that the project presented us with. Over the course of filming we were able to hone our own production technique and enjoy brushing shoulders with legends of advertising, but what made this project special was the insight and inspiration we took from each of them. The majority of our own commissions are films that aim to promote and advertise, so being part of a project that granted us unfettered access into the minds of some of the greats of advertising made the experience a memorable and deeply valuable one. We are proud to have played a part in a process that will both preserve and spread the wisdom of each of the men and women who contributed their thoughts to this project.”

Copper Crayon

Interviewing Sir Alan Parker

Interviewing Hugh Hudson