“I had been aware of HAT for many years but since becoming Director General of the IPA I have learnt so much more about the invaluable role HAT plays in our industry. In this digital age it’s easy to assume that you can Google anything you are looking for and there it will be. Not so. There’s only one place that holds a comprehensive record of advertising’s rich past and that’s HAT. And it goes beyond copies of old ads. There are gems such as the original creative briefs for famous campaigns and storyboards of early versions of TV spots like the Smash Martians. My personal favourite is the actual Memo sent by Jeremy Bullmore to the JWT TV Department in the mid 1960s, encouraging them to try out a young Director called Ridley Scott”.
Paul Bainsfair, IPA (in appointment as HAT Patron)

“Everyone should be in touch with HAT because, as the guardians of our industry’s past, they are an inspiration for our future” 
Joe Petyan, Executive Partner (JWT)

“HAT does more than archive significant advertisements It also provides supporting narrative, the stories of how the ads came about, what communication task each ad had to perform, tracing the journey from brief to execution.   There is no richer source of background material, no teaching aid so comprehensive and revealing as the HAT collection.”
David Bernstein 

    "I've used HAT's unique archive on a number of occasions whilst working at ITV.  The service has been quick, efficient and friendly no matter if I've been ordering a copious amount of material or just the odd couple of ads."
Valerie Hetherington (ITV)

   “The Butlin’s archive has been invaluable to us, helping us create an authentic advertising campaign that is connected to the original voice and purpose of the brand. It has been an almost constant source of inspiration, reflecting not just the brand's past but the social and cultural history of the UK. It's great to know this extraordinary collection is in HAT’s safe hands for the future.”
Kate Waters, Strategy Partner at Now Agency 

“The History of Advertising Trust is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in 20th-century popular culture and ephemera, both as a research tool and as a means of accessing rare and often elusive material.”
Matthew Hawes, Archive Producer, ‘Back in Time for Dinner’ BBC2, 2015 for Wall to Wall

 “The History of Advertising Trust shares our passion for the Heinz brand and with a dedicated and enthusiastic team, helps to maintain a vast catalogue of Heinz advertising, marketing, historical documents and archive ephemera. The Trust provides access to this unique record of the Heinz brand for historians, broadcasters and students”
Nigel Dickie, Director, Corporate & Government Affairs Europe, The Kraft Heinz Company

“Few brands have as rich an advertising history as Hovis and the brand team here are hugely proud and passionate about this. Caring for and nurturing this material is of utmost importance to us and this is where HAT come in. Their passion and love for Hovis history and our materials is unrivalled and we know if couldn’t be in safer hands.”
Marie Davies, Senior Brand Manager, Hovis, Premier Foods UK

“Sue and David went above and beyond to help us with our archive search and we are truly grateful for everything they have done. The service they provided was of the highest standard and every request was dealt with swiftly and effectively. We would highly recommend them to any individual or company wishing to use their archive service.”
Emma Marks, Production Coordinator, 'Back in Time for Tea' BBC2, 2017 for Wall to Wall