HAT Archive contains something for everyone. This is because every imaginable product and service has been advertised over the past two centuries. The collections reflect the UK advertising industry from 1800, through the Victorian expansion to the global operation that it is today.

HAT provides the stories behind the famous brands, the ideas and research that led to their development and changing image. These can be understood within the context of the UK advertising industry, its regulatory bodies, agencies, organisations, and lobby groups.

Every form of UK advertising and public relations material is represented in a wide variety of formats, including original artwork, posters, point of sale promotions, brochures, press and magazine proofs and cuttings, direct mail, photographs, transparencies, audio and video tapes, TV and cinema commercials and campaign research. It also holds advertising statistics, market research and trends, industry journals, consumer magazines and a comprehensive library of over 5,000 books.

HAT's collections are organised into the following sections: