The History of Advertising Trust is the largest archive of British advertising in the world and home of the UK advertising industry records. The archive reflects the achievements of the UK advertising industry from 1800 to the global operation it is today. 

HAT employs a professionally qualified and experienced archive and heritage management team, supported by well trained volunteers.

With its secure, environmentally controlled (BS 4971:2017), archive strong room facilities, HAT maintains, preserves and catalogues a community of deposited collections from over thirty archive clients. These include corporate brands such as Heinz (H J Heinz Co Ltd (UK &I)) and Hovis (Hovis Ltd), industry organisations such as the Advertising Association, Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) as well as leading advertising agencies such as JWT London, Ogilvy and RKCR/Y&R. Depositors have peace of mind that HAT always makes their business archive requirements a top priority.

The History of Advertising Trust also maintains its own extensive archive and library collections that are held in trust for posterity. HAT welcomes offers of donated gifts according to its current Collecting Policy.

HAT is also developing ways it can access, collect and maintain digitally generated archives to complement its traditional paper, print and video tape collections. 

HAT provides a range of professional long-term care and preservation solutions for all deposited archive collections in addition to offering a range of bespoke services to client depositors:

  • Professional archive arrangement, documentation and cataloguing.
  • Transfer of material into conservation-standard acid-free boxes and packaging materials
  • Secure archive storage facilities with a monitored and controlled environment (BS 4971:2017).
  • Research and enquiry services by knowledgeable and helpful staff
  • Access to HAT’s comprehensive specialist brand communications and media archive, library and information resources
  • Digital scanning of documents and images
  • Digital transfer service of video and other footage formats
  • Efficient internal retrieval and returns system 
  • Development and maintenance of customised and online archive galleries and web pages on behalf of clients for easy access to their archive images and data from their own company offices.
  • In consultation with the client, HAT can develop on-line galleries of low-res and watermarked branded images for global public accessas well as themed e-learning resources for teachers and students. In this way HAT presents client brands positively to the public and helps to raise awareness of their value.
  • HAT keenly observes current UK copyright and data protection law and best practice within all areas of its operation.