HAT - a source of inspiration at D&AD Festival 2017

HAT were delighted to accept an invitation from D&AD to take part in their Festival on 25-27 April.

With the D&AD Festival in its fourth year and the D&AD Awards recognised globally as the ultimate creative accolade, it was great to be part of an event celebrating and stimulating the finest in design and advertising for thousands of young people working or aspiring to work inspire the next generation of creative talent. 

Sharing pretty much the same mission as D&AD, to inspire creative thinkers and connect with both students and academics of HE and CPD, it was a valuable opportunity for HAT to promote and showcase the extent of it’s unique content, highlight what we offer both online and as more in depth research and, importantly, make new connections across the industry to ensure HAT is used to its full potential.

HAT Deputy Chairman, James Best, Chairman of CAP & BCAP with Patrick Collister, Head of Design at Google

Many of HAT’s Trustees joined the team on the stand too, meeting new (and old!) faces including Patrick Collister, former executive creative director at Ogilvy & Mather and now Head of Design at Google and D&AD’s CEO and our generous host, Tim Lindsay who met HAT’s new Director, Richard Powell.

Tim Lindsay, CEO D&AD and Richard Powell, Director HAT

HAT’s new ‘mascot’ and their own version of a Smash Martian, was a popular attraction featuring in a number of selfies. He also caught the eye of Ian Ducker, Art Director at Comic Relief. Ian had started in advertising at BMP back in 1980 and had fond memories of working with martians!

’For HAT give CASH’ – HAT’s Martian attracts donations for HAT, a Charitable Trust

For many young visitors, this was their first discovery of HAT but they left inspired and having made a valuable connection with a resource and organisation with access to a fascinating archive. They were all keen to explore such an important part of not only brand and agency heritage but a unique insight into Britain’s social history.
The ‘Advertising as Art’ Exhibition was a great crowd puller. Developed by former HAT Director, Chloe Veale working with Dr David Clampin, Historian and Lecturer at John Moore’s University, Liverpool, it charts the artistic merit, as well as artistic references, of some of the best known British advertising campaigns through the 60s to the 90s. It calls on viewers to evaluate their creativity and question the extent to which advertising can be regarded as art. ** 

A panel from the 'Advertising as Art' exhibition

Other displays showed HAT’s ‘Saving the 70’s exhibition focusing on some of the work behind some of the iconic campaigns such as Heineken ‘Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach’, Smirnoff Vodka 'I used to be a mainstay of the Public Library until I discovered Smirnoff' and Hovis 'As good for you today as its always been!'.

HAT’s short films on the HOVIS brand heritage, interviews with both Jeremy Bullmore and Ridley Scott produced by HAT about their early days in advertising proved a popular draw along with showreels of ads through the decades and a selection of ads celebrating one of the D&AD Festival themes ‘ The Earth Will Shake’.

HAT was delighted to meet a number of academics too from Universities across the UK including Edinburgh, Leeds, Northampton and London and are now planning a summer seminar inviting those and other lecturers and CDP support organisations to contribute to HAT’s strategy on how they can best support the next generation of advertising talent.

Jane Jarvis B2B Coordinator, HAT

** This exhibition, supported by AHRC and the British Academy is available for hire from HAT for a nominal fee. Please contact HAT for more information.

June 2017

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