Sally Chan


Sally has 30 years experience as a marketing lecturer at various Business Schools in England. Since joining the University of Leeds in 2006, Sally has taught advertising to MA Advertising and Marketing / Design students. She was Director of KAN-GAR-ROO Ltd between 2012-2017 where she incorporated user research into educational furniture design and developed interdisciplinary workshops that enabled artists/designers to collaborate with marketers. Her recent appointments as Carbon Literacy Trainer and Sustainability Architect saw her inject some creativity into student engagement activities at the University. Her Water Bottle Brief won The Net Natives Think Student Awards 2021 for Best Campaign Supporting Sustainability. During lockdown, Sally also joined The Drum, Canon, and the global creative community to support the Class of 2021 with a virtual artwork exhibition.

Sally's current research interest lies in martial arts representational discourse. Her PhD, undertaken at the School of Film Media and Design in the University of West London, evaluates the impact of British moving image advertising on film and television in Britain during the 1960s-1990s. The research comprises archival analysis of film donated to the British Film Institute, and textual analysis of paper and digital collections at the History of Advertising Trust. Sally is keen to address barriers to diversity and inclusion in the creative industries by using archives to kickstart conversations about cultural history and stereotypes in advertising.