Ammirati Puris Lintas


1920s-, London, New York

LINTAS was set up in the early 1920s as Lever Brothers' own agency, initially as LHAS or Lever House Advertising Service, later Lever's International Advertising Service. Lintas Worldwide became Ammirati Puris Lintas in 1995 and merged with the Lowe Group in the same year to form Lowe Lintas & Partners. It is a member of the Interpublic Group.


Archive content

Date range: 1970s-1990s
Scope: Collection of print, audio and TV advertising for many famous brands including a comprehensive collection of scripts.


Around 60 mounted advertising proofs (mainly 1990s); TV, cinema and radio advertising commercial scripts (1990s), audio tapes (radio and TV advertising 1990s), 4000 LINTAS/APL U-Matic video tapes (1970s-1990s). Large motoring section including proofs and artwork for Rover.

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