1979 Cinzano - Airliner

It’s the script, comic timing and ad libs of Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins that still make me laugh every time I watch it. As part of a series, I couldn’t wait to see what they might get up to next.

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1973 Cadbury's Smash - Martians

Great script, Martian voices and infectious laughter persuaded this young employee with new-found disposable income that Smash would be a speedy accompaniment to post-football pies with the side benefit of soaking up beers in the Saturday night pub crawl!

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1989 Hamlet Cigars - Photo Booth

All down to the timing and no need for words. Gregor Fisher at the height of his fame was an inspired, hilarious choice. Cracks me up to this day with the anticipation of what is about to happen and, if I still smoked, Hamlet would be my cigar of choice.

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2021 John Lewis Christmas - Unexpected Guest

Inspired casting, great soundtrack and engaging storytelling. 

Ads chosen by John Gordon-Saker. Executive Director, History of Advertising Trust. Slave to storytelling in advertising.

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