The UK advertising industry is unique. The story of achievements, culture, reputation, codes of practice, activities and people is understood through its archives. This also applies to the stories concerning the industry’s individual institutions, agencies, social clubs, societies and other organisations.

Telling these stories, through publications, articles, websites, presentations, events, exhibitions, and even employee induction materials, can create the kind of loyalty and pride that in tough markets leverages a real competitive advantage.

By systematically documenting itself, the UK advertising industry can take pride in its special identity and sense of place within our increasingly issue conscious and globalised world.

HAT Archive is the memory of the business, holding knowledge and evidence of commercial and operational activities, forgotten when people move on. Archives can provide evidence against hostile litigation, trademark infringement, or assault on reputation (e.g. published codes of practice or business standards). More routinely, they provide an unparalleled source of statistical data, published research or management information.

Exposure to the corporate memory reveals that the industry has already weathered political and economic uncertainties, technological and organisational change, growth and recession, changing fashions, trends and social attitudes.

By keeping archives we capture today’s experience, knowledge and sector know-how for tomorrow’s industry leaders. It is a powerful tool, it is industry generated and so it is far too valuable to be ignored or discarded.

Brand Heritage Management

For many famous British brands ‘brand heritage’ is an essential consideration for the marketing strategy. Some companies have their own in-house archivists and records managers, however many others do not. In such cases HAT provides a full range of archive management, preservation, research, digitisation, consumer care and specialist storage services organised by professional and experienced staff.

The strength and uniqueness of HAT is its ability to locate, cross reference and research not only the material within one client archive collection but from amongst the whole community of archives in its care.

Representing a central pool of important records and resources from across the whole of the advertising and marketing industries, HAT Archive contains the proof that brands are long-established, operate professionally, responsibly and responsively and that they are well documented and organised.

Through its services and educational outreach work HAT also maintains and attracts significant goodwill from the general public as well as the education, academic and corporate sectors on behalf of UK brands.

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