HAT in Shanghai – 17-19 June 2019

HAT were delighted to be invited to participate in an exchange visit as part of this AHRC funded CreAD partnership, a major new international programme seeking to develop research-industry partnerships between the UK and China in the creative industries.                  

The "CreAD: UK-China Partnership on Creative Advertising”, was lead by Dr Giovanna Puppin from the University of Leicester and her contact Prof. Zhang Dianyuan at Fudan University, Shanghai.

The team visiting the marketing and advertising agency W
The Lead, Dr Giovanna Puppin, Lecturer in International Advertising & Promotional Cultures (and PHD in Chinese Studies) had been in touch with HAT since our first HE seminar a few years ago. She learnt Chinese at school in Venice from an early age and her tremendous grasp of the Chinese language and professional relationship developed with Chinese Universities over the years was a key part of securing such great access to the agencies we visited. with engagements between the UK and China and a specific focus on Shanghai as China’s cultural and creative industries powerhouse.

HAT’s Oral History Project Manager, Jane Jarvis joined Giovanna plus two other UK academics, Prof. Paul Springer, Director, School of Communication Design, School of Writing and Journalism Falmouth University and Dr. Helen Powell, Course Director: Creative Advertising with Marketing, School of Arts and Creative Industries at London Southbank University, and Jamie Mollart, Director of agency Rock Kitchen Harris in Leicester. 

The team were based throughout their stay at Fudan University, Shanghai, one of the top Universities in China. Giovanna had worked closely with their Professor Zhang Dianyuan. 
The first day opened with a Salon of presentations by participants from both UK and China: 

Dr Paul Springer : “The Digital Experiences of Advertising Communications: from Telling to Involving”
Prof Zha Canchang, Director of Advertising Dept., School of Journalism and Communication, Shanghai : “Advertising education in Chinese and American universities in the digital age”
Dr Helen Powell : “Pedagogy in Practice: The Challenges of Teaching Creative Advertising”
Associate Prof. Tang Yunbing, National Cultural Innovation Research Centre, Fudan University : “Educational Exploration of Creative Advertising”
Mr Wang Xiaosai, NEONE Founder : “The future of Social-Network Creative in China”
Jamie Mollart RKH : “What is Advertising Creativity? – insights form an Ad Agency”
Li Sanshui, W Company Founder : “Don’t be a Creative Guy, but a Creator – Dissatisfied & Fantasy Dogs”

(L) Dr Shen Bin, Fudan University
Jane Jarvis presented “The Uses of Digital Archives in Advertising Research & Education : The Role of HAT” which was very well received focusing on the important work HAT does to support HE and the industry, the importance of digital archives and the work done on preservation of original content, digitisation, cataloguing and ensuring access. Talking about context, she told them more about the Inspiring Minds films and podcasts and the development of the Ad-Memoire App reminiscence resource. It was an also an opportunity to highlight the importance of archiving digital content as the archive of the future. Flyers about HAT were translated into Chinese and given for distribution to students and agencies. There is no advertising archive as such in China and and HAT will liaise further with Giovanna on this.

There is no ‘HAT’ equivalent in China but our presence certainly prompted discussion about addressing this matter. It was established that many earlier agencies may well have content that has been kept and Giovanna is to look into this and liaise with HAT.

The Advertising Salon was followed by 2 days visiting a number of agencies and organisations offering us the most privileged access to find out more about agency work and the industry in China.

Not surprisingly – the focus is on smart phone media and the internet with 9,730 million USERS (1.3 billion population) and the platforms of WeChat, AliBaba, Wibo, Badu, Tencent.

Smart phones are the main focus

Our itinerary included

A young agency, aiming to be the top – focus on storytelling and social campaigns – their mantra? “don’t be a creative, be a creator”

A particular favourite with Jane as they have been working on an ad for Voice recognition glasses to support dementia patients –F5 is a creative agency that focuses on storytelling – Founder and Chief Creative Officer is Adams Fan. They combine technology and human insights to create heartwarming stories.

Founded by ex Ogilvy man. – Originally USA influence but now focused more and more on talent from China.
Founded in 2013,  focus on originality and interaction in Top 5 Marketing Agencies – clients include BMW, Coca-Cola, Durex, Airbnb

Ogilvy Shanghai
They say that young Chinese people scroll on their smart phones with their thumbs 500 metres a day!

At Ogilvy Shanghai
2019 Saw the first Shanghai International Advertising Festival (SHIAF)and their first year of awards. The group visited their offices and were given an insight into the production of the Festival and the award categories.

August 5-7 2019 sees a team of academics from Shanghai, hosted by Giovanna Puppin, visiting agencies and organisations in Leicester and London including D&AD and Adam & Eve. 

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