1955 Gibbs SR - Ice Block

The first ever UK TV commercial to be shown in 1955. The ad signals the birth of an advertising medium that would dominate the latter twentieth century and provide the fuel for the new post-war consumer society in the UK.

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2008 Hovis - Go on Lad

Created by MCBD and directed by Ringan Ledwidge, Go on Lad is a perfect blend of brand heritage and creativity. The cleverly conceived and executed campaign, which demonstrates the power of heritage and nostalgia used in advertising, quickly changed the public perception and fortunes of the Hovis brand for the better.

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1978 Benson & Hedges - Swimming Pool

From legendary CDP team of Alan Waldie and Hugh Hudson, Swimming Pool perfectly demonstrates the iconic ‘surreal’ campaign, conceived by CDP for B&H, in response to increasing regulations in tobacco advertising. The ad which has very little obvious meaning, ably creates an air of macho cool sophistication and links it to the brand. It was regularly applauded by the public when shown in cinemas and also honoured by the industry, being awarded a rare ‘Black Pencil’ gold award at the D&AD awards.

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1999 Guinness - Surfer

Ranked number 1 in a 2000 poll of the 100 greatest TV ads ever, Guinness Surfer is one of the few classic ads that could still be shown today and hit the mark. The creative team was led by the legendary copywriter David Abbott and its clever use of CGI when it was still in its infancy, demonstrated how technology could be used to enhance a creative idea. One of the most iconic ads of all time!

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Ads chosen by Alistair Moir. Deputy Director, History of Advertising Trust.

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